Gretchen Green MD, MMS - radiology expert witness

Breast, body, pelvic, obstetrical, and general radiology

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Harvard and Yale fellowship-trained radiologist.

Board certified in Diagnostic Radiology since 2005.  

Radiology expert witness retained in cases including:: 

breast cancer imaging (mammography, ultrasound, MRI, biopsy),

abdominal/pelvic imaging (i.e. liver, kidneys/bladder, pancreas, uterus/ovaries), PET-CT

obstetrical imaging (i.e. ultrasound, methotrexate, ectopic pregnancy). 

Experienced national speaker to public and medical professionals on women's imaging and history of medicine.  

Co-author of two medical textbooks on breast imaging.  




Expert witness, case review, and  consulting services in mammography, ultrasound, MRI and other diagnostic  radiology exams. Please email or call for further information.

336 501 3151

About Dr. Green


With over 10 years in clinical practice as a diagnostic radiologist in  women's imaging and a background in award-winning research and both  medical and historical writing, Dr. Green has both clinical and teaching  expertise. 

Gretchen Green | Expert Witness


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